What I Wore: Monochrome Mini Dress ft. House of Troika

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Hi guys,

Alot of you don't realise that I can't see to save my life. My eyesight is so poor! I finally got round to getting my eye re-tested and getting new glasses. When I went to get my eyes tested the optician told me my eyesight had gotten worse and that I need to wear my glasses more often so I don't strain my eyes too much, so here goes. I chose these snazzy green glasses and some cheetah print ones, because I wanted something that was funky and fun because wearing glasses is so boring.

Now to my outfit, I am wearing a striped off the shoulder dress from House of Troika. The best thing about this dress is the fabric, it's made of a heavy knit fabric which makes it great for A/W. It also has a zip at the bottom that if you unzip it creates a little slit. So you can wear it as a night dress aswell. I paired the dress with some boots I was gifted by Simmi Shoes* and a longline coat. I just realised that my last 2 looks have been monochrome. There is something about winter that just makes you want to dress in mute colours, right?

Outfit Details
Glasses - Specsavers
Boots - Simmi Shoes*
Longline Coat - Oasis


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