How to be Perfectly Imperfect!

Tuesday 30 September 2014

On the 26th of September I was picked as Fashion Bombshell of the Day by Fashion Bomb Daily. For those who are unfamiliar, Fashion Bomb Daily is a fashion blog that covers daily fashion news and is ran by the fabulous Claire Sulmers. I'm a big fan of the website and everything Claire is doing as she is heavily promoting multiculturalism.

Now, I hadn't read the comments until yesterday when I realised my post was the most popular (which is great for me, stats, stats, stats). Upon reading the comments, I realised I had been picked apart from my hair, to my shoes, to my outfit choices. Some of the comments were very nice, some were constructive and some just plain nasty. I would say I have pretty thick skin so comments about my hair and clothes don't bother me in the least because their just clothes and it's just hair at the end of the day and that doesn't define me.

What really shocked me where comments about my scars. Like a lot of people I have scars and discolouration on my legs. The reason why I will NEVER cover my scars is, before I was born my mother was in a horrific accident that left her thighs and legs scared and burnt tremendously it took her years to find the courage to wear anything that is below maxi length and because of her courage and "fuck you" attitude I have never felt the need to cover any scars that are on my legs.

The message I'm trying to send out to anyone who follows my blog is, everyone has imperfections and you shouldn't be bullied into being insecure about them. Whether you have stretch marks, scars or birthmarks don't let anyone make you feel less than perfect because you are perfectly fine the way you are!

You can check out my feature here!


  1. Here, here! Completely agree with you. Nobody should feel violated regardless of what they wear!

  2. Agreed girl too, I have a lot of scars, it took me a while to confidently wear miniskirts. How rude of them, its good you paid no mind to what they said.

    Princess Audu

  3. Great article! Congrats on the feature. I got a glimpse of how you felt today. My post as #bombshelloftheday went live today and some people showed major love and some comments were just plain mean. I feel like we have been blog bullied lol. Thanks for the tasteful post that shows how confident you are in your skin.

  4. Awesome message! I have lupus and it's left me with scars on my legs. I feel the exact same way but that confidence takes time to build x

  5. Stella,

    You are so beautiful and I am seriously appalled that we still have issues with cyber bullying and people leaving disgusting comments. People do not understand how much hard work it takes into doing all this, and it really sucks when people leave comments like that, but just remember that for every like 10 people who leave shitty comments there are 100 backing you up (me included)!

    So proud of you! <3


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