Tea & Toast Productions Present: CASE NUMBER

Tuesday 12 August 2014

I was recently made aware of the enthralling feminist theatre production, ‘Case Number'. It tackles the preconceptions, and ultimately, the misconceptions surrounding rape. It is a play with a new perspective; ‘Case Number’ gives victims a voice to address the thinly-veiled patriarchy ever-present in the legal system today. Protagonist, Jenna Russell, is a mere case number who is forced to relive through the trauma of her assault and face the reality that only 3% of rapists get convicted. Human rights theatre at its best, ‘Case Number’ mirrors the real-life processions of court, interspersed by stylised physical montages, in order to demonstrate on-stage the horrifying brutality of rape both physically and psychologically.

‘Case Number’ is the pride of the student-led production company ‘Tea & Toast Productions’. The cast include: Karol Cybulski, Ingrid Amanda, Topaz Peretz and Kirsten Jones (all 18 years old) – all of whom earned drama scholarships at the acclaimed ‘Ashbourne College’ – Kensington, London.  

Their aim is to raise awareness; to bring the unspeakable reality of the injustice of the court to stage, and to shatter the pervasive shame culture surrounding sexual violence against women. If you wish to support them bring awareness to such a commendable cause please donate (every little helps).

I find it extremely commendable that a group of 18 year old young women have put their heart and soul into bringing an issue that is so close to a lot women's hearts to the world stage. I am extremely excited, fascinated and amazed by the talent of Tea & Toast Productions and how they have managed to pull off such a big project so effortlessly. Rape is often ignored and silenced in our society and Case Number is breaking that silence and being a voice for those who have previously unable to speak.

Case Number will be showing at the Fringe Edinburgh Festival, the world's largest arts festival and if you are attending this year, please make sure you get tickets and watch.

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