How to: Prep School Polished

Friday 27 June 2014

Hi guys!

Today is my last day of college (YAY!) I am currently running on 0 hours of sleep and plenty of caffeine which is making me slightly neurotic. Being the idiot I am I decided I would leave all my work to the last minute, this has resulted in being awake for 19 hours with no sleep but I have finished my work and I am handing it in today! Which means full-time blogging and designing which I am so happy about. 

*Ramble over* I was recently going through my bloglovin feed like I do everyday and I came across post from - - entitled Prep School Polished and it instantly reminded me of Gossip Girl. I went to a catholic school and it was all about the buttoned up shirt and ties, ill-fitting blazers and pleated skirts. I always wished that we could jazz up our uniforms Blair Waldorf style but my school was the kind of school that considered ''radical hairstyles'' as getting red highlights. Fast forward two years, I am out of school and decided I would give an homage to the prep school polished look, my way!

I opted for this burnt orange longline blazer coat from Oasis, my white Ralph Lauren Shirt, Tulle Skirt and these cute chanel booties and my curb necklace from River Island.

Coat - Oasis
Shirt - Ralph Lauren
Tulle Skirt -
Booties - Chanel
Necklace - River Island


  1. First of all, congratulations on finishing college!

    Okay, now... this whole outfit is amazing, but THOSE BOOTIES! *major heart shaped eyes emoticons*

    So cute!



  2. OMG you look fantastic! I adore your hair!

  3. This outfit is GREAT! I absolutely love the pop of red!




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