Trend Report: All White [SS14]

Sunday 9 February 2014

Minimalism is the big story among the fash pack now. As you all know I am rather attached to black on black or all black everything but I love this trend! It is fresh and sleek unlike black which is edgy and practical. When whites are paired together, the outfit looks clean and modern.


Source: Glamour Magazine


  1. I love all white! Ralp Lauren did a great job!



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  2. I would wear all of these outfits. Im not joking - they are stunning. Gooosh. I want them all. xx

  3. I love the all white look, tres chic

    xo, Rebecca

  4. Love this post such beautiful outfits

    With A City Dream

  5. Omg white on white is just perfection! Its like my favourite all time trend loove this post! I think my fave look is the DKNY girl she just looks the bomb lovely post xo

  6. I love how chic this can look! Surprisingly I've even seen some gray on gray ensembles that actually don't remind me of gym sweats and are very chic. Monochrome outfits just always have that hint of cool!


    Lovely Notions

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  8. can go wrong with white, love this!


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