Style Icon: Solange Knowles

Monday 3 February 2014

Solange Knowles is best described as a fashionista who dresses from head to toe, literally. She’s fierce and fearless, and despite the notoriety of her older sister beyoncĂ©, solange knowles (better known to most by just her first name) is carving her own path in both the music and fashion industry.

Noone rocks an eye-catching print or a bright bold colour quite like Solange Knowles. Solange gives us fashion on another whole level! She never ceases to amaze us with her bold colour choices and forward, yet timeless pieces. Whether it speaks Vintage Glam, Classic Beauty, or Rogue Retro; Solange rocks a complete look always, and she never forgets to perfectly accessorize.

It’s little wonder giorgio armani once said of her (when explaining why she was chosen as an ambassador for armani jeans), that she epitomizes the style of the brand, which is a “vision of a young, independent, casual lifestyle with a strong and cool, fashion sensibility.” we couldn’t have said it better ourselves giorgio!
Her attire always speaks volumes. She creates looks by mixing patterns, choosing daring hemlines, and indulging in captivating accessories that are rare and beautiful to look at. Solange inspires us because she never takes the bare all route but always is clean and classy. We love that if she’s wearing short shorts, she has on a flow-y top that covers her bottom.

She’s been seen in printed Prada suits, the jungle Kenzo prints and the floral Cavalli looks. All on the covers of the fashion magazines last summer and all worn by this beauty. Whether she is in a videoclip, a night-out, performing or goes bicycling with her dog and kid she looks out-standing and colourful. Bright popping afrocentric colours and prints, in combination with her fro are her signature.
She is also daring in the shapes she goes for. Cropped tops, high waisted shorts, flared pleated pants, over-sized and corsets, she pulls it off. She’s good at choosing styles that work for her body although she’s not afraid to wear a baggy outfit that shows no shape of her own but creates a beautiful shape in itself. She’s no stranger to completing the look with a fresh face and spunky lip colour.


  1. I love how bright and fun her wardrobe is! x

  2. Loved reading this post - I just spent the last half hour googling her style!

    x greta

  3. Hello lovely! I really like your blog so I nominated you for a liebster award! It's not compulsory but you're invited to answer my questions if you'd like! Rules and questions are in my blog! xx

  4. LOVE Solo - literally a super fan she can do no wrong in my eyes <3


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