Hot or Not? Trainers and Dresses

Thursday 6 February 2014

Sports Luxe seems to be a trend that is here to stay. Trainers have found themselves paired with couture
dresses on the runways of Chanel and Dior. Admittedly there has been a  proliferation of sportwear on the runway in the past few seasons and its clear that designers have been highly influenced by streetwear.

What's my verdict? Personally, I am not sold on the notion of trainers and dresses. I mean a pair of converses paired with a skirt or dresses as a casual look is something I would wear (I love the way Fearne Cotton and Rihanna do it), but beautiful dresses do not deserve to be worn with trainers, to me it just conjurers up an usnightly image of Lily Allen circa 2008.

Like Amy said ''I don't want to conform to the idea that the modern girl wears trainers, and pretty dresses'' and I agree. Heels are fundamentally feminine and classic and the modern girl should not ditch her loubs for air max. I guess they look fine on models and pre-teens but the rest of us stand a chance of  looking like badly dressed american tourists.

What do you guys think, are trainers and heel a yay or a nay?

Pic Source: Glamour


  1. Couldn't agree more, I'm not a fan of trainers with dresses.

    My sister loves going out in a gorgeous dress but I think she ruins it when she pairs it with converses.. each to their own I suppose!

    UK High Street Fashion Blog

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE these looks!



  3. I can't say I love the idea of sneakers and dresses, but I do like the idea of a comfortable shoe being a "thing." I am so tired of seeing girls teetering around in shoes that they just can't walk in. I love when a girl can rock a heel successfully, but if you can't, don't try and force it. Or at least practice at home.

    xo, Rebecca

  4. That is a very good point that I hadn't considered I guess a girl wearing trainers is better than her walking in heels that she cant walk in and looking a bit funny!


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