Nails: Louboutin Manicure

Friday, 31 January 2014

I recently treated myself to acrylics, I tend to go for red stilettos but this time I opted for something slightly different. After seeing a few pictures on instagram, I opted for the 'Louboutin Manicure' which is basically a polish at the top and red bottoms, like the shoe. This look has been seen on the likes of Adele and Rihanna and for me it is a sure winner. I am actually in love with them and people are often mesmerised when they realise the inside of my nails are red. I got my nails done at Pink and Whites Nails in Leicester, which I would recommend if you're looking for a decent nail salon in the area. When I told the man what I wanted he was slightly confused because he said he'd never seen anything like it before, but he did it anyways and he did a great job.

This look is actually easy to achieve at home on natural nails which I may do a tutorial on later but if you search on youtube you will probably find something.


  1. Lovely nail art <3

    Ines Loves
    Have a lovely day! <3
    IT *

  2. very nice , love the black and red effect !

  3. Absoloutley gorgeous! ♥

    Sharlotte // Sharlotte

  4. These nails are on POINT!

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    - Steph (

  5. Woow those nails are gorgeous! I love them xx


  6. WOW. I have never seen nails like these before. I mean. Woooowww. LOVE.

    xo, Rebecca

  7. Thankyou girrlllllll x

  8. Love the nails! Haha


    Miss Eliza WonDerland


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